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Studio Policies

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Lessons are scheduled one per week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Lessons consist of playing repertoire, developing violin technique, ear training skills, note reading, music theory and music history. Please choose a time that works well for your family and that you can commit to on a weekly basis. Plan on being 10 minutes early to compensate for traffic, trouble parking, etc. If you cannot come to the lesson at the last minute or are running late, please call or text me at 312.380.5015.


Payment in advance of the next month is due between the 21st and last day of the month. Your payment reserves a time for the amount of lessons desired within a given month. Acceptable forms of payment are:


  • Online Bank transfer through services like Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Square, etc...

It is the parent's responsibility to keep track of when payment is due. If payment is given or initiated after the last day of the month, there will be a $20 late fee. No Exceptions

Enrolling in lessons is a purchase of my instruction and time. Since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time lost. Rescheduling to another time is not guaranteed. If the student is sick, please do not come to the lesson as to not pass the illness on to me. Please call/email/text me as soon as you know you will not be in attendance.  Doing an online lesson may be possible if the student is feeling up to it and if I have the appropriate equipment with me.

Rescheduling Requests/Cancellations

  1.  If an opening becomes available at some other time during the week, I may offer that time. If the student is unable to make that time, no other times will be offered and the lesson will be forfeited.

  2.  If I cannot be at the lesson due to a last minute obligation/illness you will be notified and you will be credited for that lesson.

  3.  If you give me 24 hours notice that you will not attend the lesson, the amount paid for that lesson will be credited for the next month.


Lesson Etiquette

Students should:

  1.  Wash their hands and make sure that fingernails are trimmed before each lesson. Long hair or bangs should be pulled back from the face when playing. Keep an extra barrette or hair-tie in your case.

  2.  Take their violins out and get ready for their lesson as soon as they arrive.


  1.  Parents will purchase lesson books, corresponding recordings and other materials as needed. For beginning students, the required materials are Suzuki Volume 1 and the accompanying recording. Suzuki Book 4 with the recording should be ordered as well so that the students can hear what they will be playing in a few years.

  2.  Strings should be changed at least once a year as there is a natural decline in their quality. I recommend the standard Thomastik-Dominant brand. Books and strings can be ordered online at Shar Music or Amazon

  3.  My place for violin rentals, purchases and maintenance is the A440 Violin Shop.  Their address is 2222 W. Roscoe Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618. Usually starting with a half size instrument, I strongly suggest that you buy a violin. When this happens, we all go to the shop so that I can help guide you to the best instrument for the student.

Lesson Termination
In the event of irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assigned material, chronic late payment or disruptive/disrespectful behavior, the teacher may terminate lessons.

*These policies protect the integrity and structure of this business. As in any educational service the most valuable resource are the clients and the patronage they provide. In order to provide the best service, these above policies must be enforced and adhered to in order to be fair to all my clients.

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