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  • What is the ideal age to start violin lessons for my child?
    I have found that the earliest and most ideal age to start is 4 years old. At Third Floor Suzuki Violin, I start kids in the range of 4-18 years old.
  • When do lessons happen?
    Violin lessons happen Monday-Friday usually in the afternoon and evening.
  • Can I first observe a violin lesson?
    Absolutely! I actually require perspective parents and students to come observe a lesson so they can see what lessons are all about. We can also meet face to face and see if we would all get along and I can answer any questions you may have.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    $26 for 15 minutes (reserved for younger 4 year olds) $42 for 30 minutes $63 for 45 minutes $84 for 60 minutes The cost of each lesson includes the obvious things such as learning how to hold the instrument properly, making good sounds come out of the violin, playing in tune, playing with expression and learning how to read music. The not-so- obvious things that are learned are: sticking with something even though it’s hard (but not impossible!), patience, focus, teamwork, cultivating an internal sense of positive self-esteem, etc…
  • Why the Suzuki Method?
    The primary aim of the Suzuki Method is to get children to play an instrument at a high level, and using that instrument as a tool to become a better and well rounded person. At first, learning happens by ear and over time, they learn how to read music. For a more in depth explanation, click here to visit the Suzuki Association of the America’s website.
  • Where should I rent/buy a violin?
    My preferred place is A440 Violin Shop in nearby Roscoe Village. Beginning students usually rent a violin. When students get older, I prefer that they buy a violin as they are usually of better quality than rental instruments.
  • Do you teach adults?
    Yes, I take on a limited amount of adult students.
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