Jen F. :

Before committing to a teacher, my sister helped me interview and observe suzuki teachers - she has played for 32 years and currently plays in the Lakeshore Symphony Orchestra. Both she and I liked Adam’s teaching style and she was highly impressed with his skill as a musician and educator.


Adam has now been teaching my 6 and 8 year old for the last year and a half. He manages to walk a very fine line between a friend and authority figure. The kids spend their lessons each week very engaged due to his sense of humor, and very productive due to the high level of respect he commands. 


Suzuki lessons are a significant time and financial commitment - Adam partners with me as a parent to have realistic yet high expectation of the kids, and to let me know when and how they could do better. I never feel like their time is wasted or that they aren’t working up to their potential. He has gotten to know my kids - their personalities, their sense of humor, what motivates them and what causes them to disengage. I never before thought kids so young could be capable of working so hard - I am so very proud of the discipline it gives them and how they enjoy the product of their hard work. It is given them a lifelong engagement in music and appreciation of the benefits of commitment. And I attribute this all to Adam. 


Larry L. :

Adam Davidowitz has done a fantastic job as Sarina's violin teacher. She started when she was just under 7 years old, and two years later, I'm amazed at what she can do on the violin. I can also say that she looks forward to her violin lessons, both individual and group, and I think that's because Adam has a great demeanor about him--making it fun yet being very serious about how she plays the instrument. It's hard to imagine asking for anything more from him.

George, age 8:

I am currently a student at Adam’s violin class and I just want to say he’s doing a great job. He has a good sense of humor but he also is serious. His lessons are only half an hour. The lessons are 2 a week. 1 on a week day. And 1 group class on Saturday. Violin is hard, but I enjoy it. This is all in thanks to Adam.




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