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Update #5 - 3/25/22

Starting on Monday, 4/4/22, we will be going mask-optional in areas where lessons are happening.  The church has requested that we still mask up in places such as hallways, bathrooms and areas where lessons are not happening.

If you want me to mask up, just let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Update #4 - 2/28/22

I am aware that the statewide mask mandate will be expiring soon.  While it seems like the Covid situation has improved over the last month, I'm still erring on the side of being cautious. We will be keeping masks on until at least the end of March and then I will reevaluate the situation.   

Update #3 - 8/17/21

Due to the CDPH mask mandate which starts on Friday, August 20, I am adjusting my Covid protocol to reflect the current situation.  When lessons happen indoors, everyone age 2 and up will be required to mask up.  Nothing will change regarding outdoor lessons.  It will still be your choice whether to mask up or not.


Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate so we don’t need to move indoors until sometime in fall when it gets too cold.

Update #2 -6/7/21

As of this Monday 6/7, I am revising the safety protocols again to reflect the current state of the pandemic.


Lessons that are outside will be the same.  I won't wear a mask unless asked.  Parents and kids can still decide what's right for them.


For lessons that are indoors, adults and kids who are fully vaccinated have the option of being masked or not.  Even though it appears unlikely that as a vaccinated person, I can transmit the virus, I will continue to be masked.  Since it's been shown that it is very unlikely that virus transmission happens by touching surfaces, I will go back to tuning instruments when appropriate, and with your consent.  I'm not ready to completely ditch social distancing, but I will relax this when it comes to adults and kids who have been vaccinated.  I will still avoid direct contact so I'll still need parents to put hands behind bow elbows, lower wrists and such.

Update #1 - 5.16.21

Due to the most recent CDC update in Covid protocols, I've been thinking about what that means for us.


This is how I'm revising the protocols:


For lessons that are indoors, nothing will change for the moment.  We'll continue to mask and distance.  As more kids get vaccinated, this will change and I will revise this protocol again.


For lessons that are outside (the weather is starting to be nice enough!), there is now a choice.  You can decide for yourselves if you want to be masked or not.  I am planning on being maskless, but if you would like, I can put it back on.

Original Covid Protocol - 3/2021

Until the weather makes it too cold, all in-person lessons, weather permitting, will happen either on the front lawn of the church or the gym.  Exceptions: (1) inclement weather, where lessons will happen by Skype, (2) if you choose to continue with Skype lessons instead of in-person ones.


When it becomes too cold, we will either move into the gym or the back of the sanctuary which allow for good ventilation.  We can also go back to doing lessons over Skype.  The gym allows for good ventilation as we can open windows and turn on fans.  In the back of the sanctuary, we can open the doors.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Due to Illness

If either parents or students have or have had in the past 14 days a cough, a fever, shortness of breath, difficulties breathing, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal upset, or experienced a loss of taste or smell, do NOT come for an in-person lesson.  If I experience any of these symptoms, I will either cancel or we will Skype.


If you are well enough, and with enough advanced notice, we can change to Skype. There will be no penalty for changing or canceling under these circumstances.  The health and safety of everyone comes first.  Advanced notice is helpful as I can bring my laptop with me to the church.


If you have recently traveled to a state that is on the Chicago Travel Quarantine List, we will do lessons over Skype during the time you are quarantining.


Lesson Logistics

The waiting area will be on the opposite side of the lawn where lessons are happening.  I will be tracking the shade, so it may change from hour to hour.  Staying in your car until it’s your lesson time is also fine.  If we are in the gym, just wait outside until the previous student leaves and I come get you.


It will be mandatory for everyone to wear a mask and to keep a minimum distance of six feet.  This means both students AND parents.  As long as you are on church grounds (where the grass starts), a mask is required.  I will have hand sanitizer for all to use.


Try to keep items to a minimum.  Bring your violin, music books and notebook with pencil.  Everyone will write their own notes.


After each lesson, all items that were used will be sanitized.  The church has agreed to sanitize daily commonly touched items such as doorknobs and bathrooms.  They will make sure that schedules of church personnel do not conflict with when we are using the premises.

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